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2 weeks ago

Best PR agent in Vancouver.
Daniel’s work is detailed, honest, personalized, yet cheerful. I’ve talked w several immigration agents in downtown, Vancouver, and finally found the right one. I’m now Permanent Resident .
There is no harm to meet more agents, and you gotta visit Drim at lease once and you’ll convince yourself.
여러분 진짜 여기에요. 다른데 상담 다 받아봤는데 막말로 콧대만 높고 다 아는 척하고 비싸고 괜히 재면서 여러분 기죽이는 곳도 있어요. 드림와서 다니엘님하고 상담 한번만 받으세요. 저랑 오빠랑 둘다 드림에서 영주권 받았어요 그니까 꼭 가세요!!!

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